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We have never seen an air purifier as capable as the newest version of the IQ Air HealthPro Plus. It outperforms all other air purifiers in building performance, filter capacity, overall system efficiency, performance and controls, quality and noise level.


  • Extreme air purification efficiency eliminates ultra-fine particles that are 100 times smaller than other air purifiers does.
  • High power and silent fan motor can effectively cover large or small areas.
  • Modular Filter Design – Replace only the filter to be replaced and save your money on replacement costs.
  • Swiss Quality – Built for the exact characteristics of Switzerland.
  • Advanced Programmable Timer Performance Filter increases life and saves energy.
  • Integrated Filter Extract all articles from Life Monitor Filter Filter.
  • High-quality non-hazardous impact modular/
  • Low disturbance draft-free airflow.
  • Very little energy consumption and certified performance.


  • Size (because the unit is physically larger than other air purifiers due to high quality filters of high quality)
  • Color Choice (the only option is neutral off-white color, no designer colors are given)
  • Start-up costs (low cost of long-term ownership due to modular filter design, long-lasting filters and high quality components)


Truly a revolution in air purification. This is the best air purifier you can get in the prefect moment to protect your family from viruses and bacterias.

For personal spaces check Atem line.

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