Chewy is Happiness for Your Pet

As a pet lover, you’re used to budgeting for pet food and hauling the heavy bags through the store to your car. It’s worth it to provide for your furry friends, so you don’t think twice. But what if there was another option?

With Chewy, there might be a way to save you time and money if you plan it right and consider your options.

Learn about buying dog or cat food from Chewy and whether or not it’s better for you and your pet in the long run.

Ordering From Chewy

One of the biggest appeals of ordering your cat’s or dog’s food from an online store is the perk of not needing to haul in a heavy bag of pet food from the store.

Shipping Cost

Chewy charges a flat rate of $5 for shipping any order. Spending over $49 lets you skip the shipping charge, which is pretty easy to do if you have a couple hungry pups to feed.

The low cutoff for free shipping is really appealing to me. I order two months of dog food at a time, which for two medium-sized dogs is always over $50. 

Delivery Speed

Nothing to complain about here. Orders are usually delivered 2 days after you place them, which is on par with Amazon Prime.

Save 30% on your first Autoship Order with Chewy!

Brand Selection

The cat food and dog food brands available on Chewy cross a wide range of budgets. Common, affordable brands like Purina, Meow Mix and Pedigree are available in a variety of quantities. The higher-end, quality ingredient brands like Blue Buffalo and American Journey are also available.

Cats and dogs that need specialized diets prescribed by their vets can get their food from Chewy. These are often hard to find in stores.

Dog and Cat Food Costs

Cross-checking dog and cat food prices between Chewy and brick and mortar stores shows that Chewy usually meets the lowest price you see on the shelves.

Pet food is usually marked up a good deal in stores, especially with the brands that make grain-free or high protein food. Pet supply chains often run sales on brands of dog and cat food to counteract the listed price increase, but this means that any given time you walk in the store you could be paying for the markup.

Being at the mercy of sales is not a great place to be when purchasing a necessity you buy regularly for your pet. Because of the unpredictability of pricing in stores, buying from an online retailer can be much more reliable.

Pet Food Deals

You can sometimes find great discounts (10%-20%) on certain pet food brands.

Chewy always offers a 30% discount for new customers on their first Autoship order. That’s a big discount but of course can only be used once.

Dog Deals

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Cat Deals

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Buy Cat Treats Today – Shop over 1,000 Brands at Chewy!

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