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We spoke to our customer support team who told us that NordVPN is simply a great choice for iOS users, which is a slight disappointment. We’ve found out which options are best for you on your device, as well as some of their best features for other devices. 

This feature – rich VPN service is ideal for unlocking Netflix, and if your connection is ever compromised or disconnected, it blocks all traffic that leaves your device to prevent your DNS requests and IP addresses from leaking. 

NordVPN is a very impressive service that has been around for some time, perfect for the 12 million people worldwide who now use its services. 

The Panama-based VPN uses a powerful layer of security, offers many apps for different platforms, has thousands of servers around the world and is especially good at unlocking Netflix. If you want even more security, NordVPN is one of the few VPN providers that offers an inexpensive dual VPN service. There are a few VPN providers that we # ve included in our best VPN list, but none of them is as good as this one. 

The servers mask your IP address and encrypt your data, making it almost impossible to track your identity. All the security and data protection functions discussed above are useless if the VPN provider logs your VPN usage. The data protocol covers everything from the number of computers connected to the network, the IP addresses of the servers and even the location of your devices. 

VPNs use encryption to protect their users “Internet connections and protect their data from prying eyes and intrusion from third-party servers. Also available is a dual VPN that directs your connection via two VPN servers, or a disguised server that hides your VPN activity from your regular activities. Some providers and apps offer a variety of VPN services, such as a single sign-on (VPN) service, a multi-server VPN service, or a multi-server service. 

The IPVanish app offers a kill-kill switch, an alternative to the traditional kill-switch option. TunnelBear also has a TCP override option that forces it to use TCP instead of UDP. TCP is a slightly slower protocol that can work better on unreliable connections, but if your VPN data is less recoverable on the network, websites that restrict VPNs can be bypassed. 

This is actually the default option, but you can only use OpenVPN, and iOS users can also choose IKEv2. Android users can only use VPN with the VPN app on their device, so this feature is not available as it was designed. 

This is likely due to Apple’s strict security standards, which govern what you can and can’t do, and most providers still don’t allow Tor on mobile devices. On Android you can access the dedicated VPN app, but only use Onion or OpenVPN. NordVPN is still far ahead in this area, so we will wait until they resolve the discrepancies, especially with Onion VPN for Android. 

If security is most important to you, NordVPN recommends the IPsec encryption protocol IKEv2 from OpenVPN. This allows even the most security-conscious users to feel fully protected, and it accepts anonymous email and payment providers such as Bitcoin. On iOS and Android, Open VPN is the default option when you use it, while the even more secure Ikev3IPsec is set by default in the iOS / macOS app. Sources: 5

Security-centric users will be pleased to hear that NordVPN offers AES-256 and CBC encryption via the OpenVPN protocol. It uses the Perfect Forward Secrecy System, which generates a unique private encryption key for each session. Users who want to avoid state censorship and surveillance should observe the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption protocol with AES-256 and AES 256 CBC encryption. 

If you want to use NordVPN on a Linux router like a Raspberry Pi, you can create a custom connection. There is also a handy Linux command-line application that works well for both server and desktop VPN users. 

s operating system can establish connections via OpenVPN, IKEv2, IPSec and other protocols. Core features such as CyberSec auto-connection and specialized endpoints are available, as well as advanced networking options. Detailed online documentation means you can also find out how to connect to your router and NAS devices manually, and access to the NordVPN network management interface. 

The information is then re-encrypted each time it leaves the server, creating a kind of double encryption, and then passed between the two servers on the way from the computer to the Internet. While duplicate VPNs with chained servers improve security, they also mean much slower speeds, which we will cover in the disadvantage section. 

NordVPN offers a few other protocol options, including L2TP and IPSec, but the best is OpenVPN, and is the system you should use if you want the highest level of security. The processing and encryption of Open VPN can be somewhat slower than with lighter protocols, so we recommend that the vast majority of people stick to it. North Korea is best suited for those who want the highest level of security and use it for a long time. 

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