To People That Want To Start OXO But Are Affraid To Get Started

I was just thinking about all the cooking utensils and products that I own now, and how I often wound up replacing a bad one with an Oxo and found the Oxo to be so much better. This includes the carrot peeler, ice cream scoop, and salad spinner that I have, which work very well and which I really enjoy using, among others. They seem to have a knack for making things that are durable, ergonomic, and functional. Their prices seem to command a premium above other brands, but for the extra few dollars for making a better product, I haven’t come across an item made by them yet that I haven’t liked.

So, I wonder if anyone has experienced an item made by Oxo that isn’t great?

In the era of fast fashion and mass manufacturing, we’re getting used to the “well this is crap” moment, usually accompanied by exasperated sighs from wary shoppers. No doubt you know it well: It’s the moment when you realize that thing you bought, well… it’s crap. It broke after one use or, even worse, never really worked well enough to begin with. 

But as they say, you have to experience the lows to truly appreciate the high moments in your life, and that’s why I’m here to evangelize a brand I really, truly stand behind.

They look great

I don’t love looking into my kitchen drawer and seeing a rainbow of plastic colors more in line with a playroom than a cook’s kitchen, so I appreciate that the OXO aesthetic subscribes to the same main color palette as a sharp tuxedo: Black and white. 

They’re well designed

Beyond the aesthetics, OXO products are designed with ergonomics in mind, adhering to a philosophy of “universal design,” which means that lefties, righties, old people, young people, men, women, large hands and small hands will all find their gear comfortable to hold and to use. If you were to wander into the OXO headquarters in New York City, you’d spot their famous wall of gloves—lost gloves collected from the streets of NYC and around the world—which keeps the company’s designers focused on their universal mission of tools that fit every hand.

They hold up

Fact. The reason I’m writing this today is because I recently took on a decluttering of my kitchen and cleaning cabinets, getting rid of anything that was broken, rusted or no longer useful. You know what made the “keep it” cut, every time? The OXO gear I’ve been collecting for the better part of the last decade. I broke three crappy, rusty can openers before my OXO one came along, and it shows no signs of stopping.

They just work

When I need something for my home (most recently, it was a grout brush) I now just look to see if OXO makes one and buy it. I haven’t been disappointed yet. If you don’t believe me, just check out some reviews online the next time you’re shopping. OXO comes out on top, a lot. You’ll find “#1 Best Seller” littered across the OXO Amazon listings. And they top the list.

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