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Go Outdoor with Columbia

Columbia Sportswear is a global brand created to manufacture and offer appropriate clothing for outdoor activities. The company based in Portland, Oregon – United States, uses the highest technology to develop and strengthen its products.

In addition, the company is proud to have a test program for its creations, which is run in-house. Columbia Sportswear ranges from apparel, footwear and accessories, designed in Pacific Northwest style and sealed with indomitable spirit.

Columbia Sportswear: a brand for adventure lovers

According to what is stated by the sportswear brand’s team, the environment in which the main headquarters of the factory is located, is the perfect place to inspire their creations.

Pacific Northwest locations include snow-capped mountains, forests, a rugged coastline, and countless open spaces. All these areas serve to put into practice the most varied adventures.

The area is ideal for fishing, walking, camping, climbing, sailing, rowing, running, playing golf, or simply for strolling enjoying nature. It is a perfect world for adventurers.

And with all these possibilities at hand, the designers and the Columbia Sportswear team come up with their products.

A product for everyone

The factory has branches worldwide, and in each one of them it offers a vast catalog of products. At Columbia Sportswear customers can find what they are looking for, with the guarantee that only a brand of this importance can offer.

The store offers clothing, footwear and accessories for Women, Men and Kids. It also offers a section of products classified according to Activity. For example: ski and snow, hiking, fishing, hunting, trail running, golf, etc.

On the other hand, the store creates and launches its own collections, with unique and functional designs. It also has a Winter section, to allow clients to equip themselves appropriately for the cold season.

Columbia Sportswear setting milestones through time

The company based in the United States, has not only dedicated itself to manufacturing and marketing its products. It has also been dedicated to developing new implements and clothing items to facilitate the enjoyment of outdoor activities.

Each of his new creations is backed by advanced technology and unsurpassed quality.

In 1986 the company designed and launched the first Bugaboo ™ parka, a jacket made to revolutionize the way alpine skiers dress.

Regarding the design of accessories or equipment, the geniuses of Columbia Sportswear created in 1996 the high Performance Fishing Gear, known as PFG.

In 2017 Columbia unveils the OutDry Extreme Eco. An unrivaled line of high-quality eco-friendly gear, manufactured to offer maximum outdoor performance and minimal environmental impact.

Without stopping at any time, for 2018 the brand launches Omni-Heat ™ 3D, a material with thermo-reflective technology that includes advanced heat retention and is soft to the touch of the skin.

Columbia Sportswear a sponsor of world sport

Being a sportswear brand, Columbia Sportswear, it was no less to be expected that the international giant would provide support to athletes.

During the Sochi games in 2014, the brand was the proud sponsor of freestyle ski teams from the US, Canada and Russia.

For the 2018 Pyeong Chang Winter Olympics, Columbia Sportswear was the sponsor and supplier of the most prominent freestyle ski teams: USA, Brazil, Canada and Ukraine.

Columbia Sportswear can be classified as one of the most recognized and accepted sportswear brands internationally. It stands out both for the quality of its products, and for the incomparable designs of these. A brand that will definitely continue to be noticed in the world of sports and outdoor activities.

Disclosure: As an Columbia Affiliate, I earn a commission when you book through the links on this page. 

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