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The Great New Amazon Echo

The new Amazon Echo arrives with a minimalist and elegant design, ideal to combine with the decoration of any space in your home. The device belongs to the fourth generation of Amazon Echo, and includes attractive and functional features.

The Amazon device has been designed for comfort and support in a variety of ways. In combination with Alexa, the Amazon Echo has arrived to make your life an experience like no other.

High-quality sound with the Amazon Echo

The new Amazon Echo provides sound of an unmatched level. It delivers deep bass, dynamic mids, and clear highs, which together create rich and detailed sound. Also, this sound can be automatically adapted to any room in your home.

If you want to enjoy your favorite music in every corner of your house, you can sync the Amazon Echo devices in every room. Use your voice to request the reproduction of your favorite song, genre or artist, through Amazon Music, Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify, among others.

You can flood your home with songs from radio stations, Audibles, audiobooks, or podcasts with compatible Echo devices in multiple rooms. If you want, you can also sync your Echo with compatible Fire TV devices, to enjoy the best home theater.

Smart home hub

Amazon’s New Echo incorporates an easy-to-configure smart home setup. This feature allows you to connect and manage smart devices that use Zigbee.

You can easily and comfortably turn on the lights, sensors, plugs, as well as locks. The hub will also work with Ring Smart Lighting in the near future.

To take control of your devices, you just have to go to Alexa with a simple command such as: “Alexa, discover my devices.” Moreover, you can find furniture that combines with the fresh and modern style of your new Echo in GDFStudio (you can find my review here).

Connection and synchronization at all times

By being connected to compatible Amazon Echo devices throughout your home, you can visit each room whenever you want.

You can make a general announcement to the whole family or tell the little ones that it is time to do their homework. You can also keep in touch with family and friends, making hands-free calls.

Alexa, the star assistant of the Amazon Echo

With the help of Alexa your life will be much more comfortable and practical.

Through Alexa you will have the ability to set timers, ask questions, make lists, create activity schedules, and set reminders.

Of course, you can also check the traffic, the weather before leaving, control your smart home devices or simply listen to the news of the day.

Alexa offers a whole compendium of possibilities. It even gives you the opportunity to enjoy a different night with games and different entertainment options.

Alexa for the little ones

Additionally, Alexa can be adapted to children. You will have the possibility to activate parental controls for Amazon Kids, with the help of the Alexa app.

In this way, Alexa will respond to children’s concerns, select the right content for them, and automatically block purchases. Likewise, you will be able to activate the functions for communication, define time limits and verify the activity.

You will have great tools to care for and protect your children, through Alexa and the Amazon Echo.

Amazon Echo: designed to protect your privacy

To give you the level of privacy you deserve, both the Amazon Echo and Alexa devices have been built with multiple layers of protection.

On one hand, the Amazon Echo speakers feature a microphone off button, which electrically disconnects the microphones. On the other hand, it has control over voice recordings, so you can listen to them and delete them whenever you want.

Keep your home safe with Alexa Guard

From the Alexa app you can configure Guard. In this way you will receive mobile alerts in case the Amazon Echo detects irregularities, such as the smoke alarm, or the breakage of some window glass.

Without a doubt, the new Amazon Echo offers a world full of technology and facilities for the home. An extremely complete and comprehensive device, which we all want to have.

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