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Zales is the Amazon of Diamonds

When it comes to acquiring diamonds, gems or jewelry, Zales Diamonds is the number one choice. This is the quintessential diamond shop and has been since 1924.

Also known as the Amazon of diamonds, Zales Diamonds offers a vast catalog of products to its customers. Each of its products is an example of quality and elegance, which has contributed to making the store a point of reference in the world of diamonds. On the other hand, its staff has extensive experience in the industry, and offers a high-level service to each of its clients.

Zales Diamonds, the diamond store

Either in its physical stores or in its online version, it offers a wide repertoire of alternatives for its customers. All these alternatives are distinguished by the stamp of fine jewelry, with excellent quality and unmatched value.

The stores offer you from basic or simple products, to exquisite designs by the most famous designers.

Being the diamond creations the essence of Zales Diamonds, the business has become the favorite of many, for the purchase of bridal jewelry. And it is that the diamond store offers a number of options for brides. You can find everything from gold bands with a simple design, to exotic diamond sets. For the most demanding, the store has exclusive designs by renowned experts such as Neil Lane and Vera Wang.

The vast collection of bridal jewelry has become one of the main areas of business, and hence it is known as “The Diamond Store”.

What else does Zales Diamonds offer you?

The store has more than six hundred branches around the country, so you will always have one close to you. If you prefer, you can also purchase your jewelry through the Zales Diamonds online store, to which you have access every day of the year, 24 hours a day.

To make your purchase at store even easier, the diamond expert business provides you with a set of functions and facilities:

You can get advice with a virtual consultant

With the same ease, advantage and expertise that an in-person advisor can offer you, you can enjoy the guidance of a virtual consultant to make your purchases online.

They offer you personalized attention so that you can buy that product you want so much.

Shopping online from the comfort of your home

Zales Diamonds offers you the alternative of buying your jewelry through an Internet connection. These purchases can be made with total security and confidence.

To offer you greater convenience, you can check the catalog of the store closest to your home, make the purchase online and then pick up your product directly in the store.

You can also make the purchase online and request that your purchase be sent to the nearest store.

Search for your ideal product through images

Using the Zales Diamonds app, you can perform an image search. You just have to upload the photo of the product you want, and the app will do the search for you.

Return policy

Easily and for free, you can make returns of your online purchases by mail.

On the other hand, the store has a 30-day risk-free return policy. So once you buy a jewel, gem or diamond at Zales Diamonds, you have thirty days to return and get a full refund.

Maintenance and repair of your jewelry

In addition to all the facilities offered by the best diamond store, it provides you with a jewelry maintenance and repair service.

In order to preserve the dazzling shine of your most prized possessions, Zales Diamonds regularly inspects, repairs, maintains, and cleans your jewelry.

All this with a competitive rate and the guarantee that only the best diamond store can offer you.

Disclosure: As an Zales Affiliate, I earn a commission when you book through the links on this page.